Agridrones is an innovative company operates in the fields of developing and supplying unmanned aircraft-based, tailor-made solutions. The core components of the drones are developed produced and assembled by the company.

The company holds a permanent flight permit granted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI), allowing full commercial operation of the system.

The company has specialized in defining and building a ‘heavy’ drone configuration for agricultural and sanitary uses.
Agridrones provides its customers with a tailor-made solution, starts with a definition of the problem all the way to implementing an adequate solution.

The company employs highly skilled drone pilots capable of covering a vast area while maintaining the solution efficacy.
Agridrones successfully participates in the campaign led by the citrus board of Israel, destined to control the Mediterranean fruit fly in Citrus orchards, the company has developed designated, both, hard and software tools in order to provide an optimal solution.
Agridrones is also providing a service for controlling the False codling moth, a sever quarantine pest, implementing the service in an efficient manner required the development of specific technology to implement the pesticide. the plots treated by Agridrones showed zero infestation!!

The company is developing solutions for other pests in additional crops such as grapes, stone and pome fruits and nuts.
We have also implemented a successful service in water reservoirs providing vegetation, pests and alga control.

Agridrones is in the process of registering its differentiated IP’s.​



Michael Dekel

Partner and Co-founder

Global businessman, responsible for marketing and business development.

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Udi Zohar

 Aviation Expert, Partner

Fighter pilot in the Reserves, set up and managed the Civil Aviation Authority, holds a BA and MA in National Security, also EMBA.

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