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In Israel, the promotion of wastewater treatment and effluents reuse for agricultural and industrial purposes, is viewed as a national mission.

Water reclamation for agricultural purposes have three main targets:

1. Diverting more fresh water to households as a solution to the water shortage in Israel.

2. Increasing the quantity of water for agriculture while ensuring economic viability for farmers.

3. Protecting the environment by reducing the ecological damage that untreated wastewater may cause.

Access to the reservoirs water surface in order to treat Algae and Insects was time consuming and performed traditionally by boat.   

Agridrones has provided drone based customized solutions to Mekorot, Israel’s national water company in order to control both Algae and Insects in Irrigation Reservoirs.

Agridrones solution has eliminated both pests, enabling supply of top-quality water to farmers.  

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