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The Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata , is one of the world's most destructive fruit pests.

Each infestation requires intensive and massive eradication and detection procedures so that the pest does become established.

Agridrones has developed a designated a premium solution which controls the Mediterranean Fruit Fly population in an highly efficacious manner. 

The fly is ranked first among economically important fruit fly species. Its larvae feed and develop on many deciduous, subtropical, and tropical fruits and some vegetables.

In some of the Mediterranean countries, only the earlier varieties of citrus are grown, because the flies develop so rapidly that late season fruits are too heavily infested to be marketable.

Some areas have had almost 100% infestation in stone fruits.

In this age of jet transportation, the medfly can be transported easily from one part of the world to the other. Once established, eradication efforts may be extremely difficult and expensive.

 In addition to reduction of crop yield, infested areas have the additional expense of control measures and costly sorting processes for both fresh and processed fruit and vegetables. Some countries maintain quarantines against the medfly, which could jeopardize some fresh fruit markets.

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